Chicken coop – Self designed and home made


Today i want to share with You, one nice looking small chicken coop which i find in net. Samantha designed easy to build and i think cheap chicken coop plan. First on paper and in second phase She use Google SketchUp When She start this project She known nothing about chicken coops. After some research Samantha choose mini shed for first ...

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Preparing a chicken coop for winter key points


KEYPOINTS TO KEEP IN MIND WHILE PREPARING A CHICKEN COOP FOR WINTER To keep chickens for a pet is a huge task, and keeping them all safe in different weathers isn’t a child’s play either. Winters always come up as a threatening and troubling weather for the animals as all the animals need an extra care and concern in such ...

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What to feed chickens – organic chicken feed

Chicken feed ready to eat and home made

You are an owner of a chicken coop and now you wonder, which chicken feed should you use? Chickens feeding is a very extensive issue, which trigger lots of discussions. Is it better to purchase prepared forage or to make it on your own? It depends on your attitude.   Doesn’t matter if you have a few chickens or tens ...

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